This is about a young woman named Emerald that is part of a well-off family, that comes home from finishing her schooling to find her family has been murdered. Due to the tragedy that has befallen her, and perhaps a little bit because of her unorthodox upbringing she turns to a secret life of honing her fighting skills in order to find the person who killed her family, and exact her revenge. She hides this secret life behind the facade of the life that is expected of her, running her family's estate and being a proper lady. Because of these events, she becomes a deadly assassin, living a life in the shadows. However the inevitable was to happen, someone would hire her to kill someone that she cares about. In the end will she choose to take the job, or will she finally reveal her secret life, and maybe find love in the process?


Chapter 1: An Unlikely Assassin

Chapter 2: Descent Into Darkness

Chapter 3: Opporunity Appears (In Progress)